Scare Them Blacks And Hispanics!!

New York State Senator Eric Adams told the media that in July, 2010, Ray Kelly, head of the New York Police Department, told then Governor David Patterson that his program of halting and searching people on the streets a simple and clear aim:– to “instill in every young man  from those communities(black and Hispanic) that any time they leave their house they can be searched by the police.” In other words, his assumption was that any person with a black skin or of Hispanic heritage, was, by definition, a potential criminal. During the past year about 850,000 New Yorkers were halted and searched, and 70% of those halted by police were black or Hispanic people.

A NYPD spokesman made clear that “commissioner Kelly said he wants gunmen to be deterred from carrying weapons on them in streets, particularly in those communities most victimized by gun violence.” M.Kelly denies making any such comments to the former governor. Adams, a former captain in the  police force, describes  examples of young black males  bursting into tears in describing such searches on their bodies.

I am old enough to recall when Jews and Italians were the young me to be warned about being criminals. Oh, Mr. Kelly, in the good old days your Irish gangsters were the people to be warned!