Scientology Ain’t Scientific

This blog, as a matter of policy does not comment on the religious beliefs of anyone since religion is a private matter. However, it is fascinating how the media will attack established religions like Catholicism, but completely ignore Scientology which, in essence, is a cult. The vast majority of Catholics or Protestants or Muslims or Jews have come to believe in their religion through a process of free will. Scientology works hard to brainwash its members.

Katie Holmes, raised a Catholic, has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise who is a fervent believer in the myths of Scientology. She feared their six year old daughter, Suri, would be sent to a Scientology boot camp in order to get a does of  brainwashing. Even as I write these words, there are reports of a car parked outside of her home with four men who watch her moves. They refused a  request by  reporters to respond to the question as to whether they were members of Scientology.