Scopes Trial Revisited In Tennessee!

In 1925 the state of Tennessee became the laughing stock of the entire world when it opposed the right of a teacher to educate his students about evolution. John Scopes went down in history as a brave man while the folk of that fair state live on as country yokels. Fast forward nearlya  hundred years and what has  Tennessee decided– that evolution stuff is just a pack of so called scientific thinking. The state legislature passed a bill requiring science teachers to teach the idea sof Creationism– that an “higher being must have been responsible for the development of all life forms”– intelligent design.

If a “higher life form” is responsible for we humans that means:

The higher life form is responsible for nonstop wars and hate.

The higher life form is responsible for the Holocaust.

The higher life form is responsible for genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda.

If one  believes in “higher life form” I suggest that you allow science to  educate youth.