Score One More For NRA

At age 82, I am old enough to have been raised in an America in which there were gun laws that existed in most states of the union. The Sullivan Act ensured that government had the right to decide who could or could not possess a weapon of mass destruction. The Supreme Court ruled that it was perfectly constitutional for state or federal governments to impose restrictions on the use of guns. Alas, that was then, and today the nut cases rule the nation. A proposed restriction on ammunition for use in assault weapons was withdrawn because the National Rifle Association said it was simply step one in the path to dictatorship in this land.

It is uncertain whether the American people decided not to impose any form of restriction on use of assault weapons or whether this fear of imposing restrictions emanates from countless movies and TV programs about government seeking to take away our freedoms. The NRA has four million members but Congress had decided for rule of four million in a nation of three hundred million.