Scott Walker Wins

Scott Walker and fellow Republicans put over $40 million into the recall election and he came out triumphant. The money, in itself, is not responsible for this  victory, it simply is linked to failure on the part of Barack Obama to assert leadership for the nation. First, he made the mistake of going for a comprehensive medical plan which absorbed attention away from the job message and then he failed to develop the narrative as to what is going on in America. He never explained the Medical plan, he never offered in 2009 a  comprehensive plan for jobs, he spent his time locked away playing footsie with Republicans who had no interest in cooperation.

So, what now? At this point the only logical strategy for Obama is to study the campaign of Harry Truman in 1948 who ran AGAINST  CONGRESS.  He blamed Congress for failure to act on legislation. Every poll had him losing, but Harry won the election.

Obama must learn how to explain complex ideas in terms anyone could grasp. For example, in 1940 when most polls showed over sixty percent of Americans opposing aid to  England which stood alone against Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt explained why we would aid the United Kingdom. “If your neighbor’s house caught on fire and he came to borrow your water hose, surely you would give it to him. We are going to give a water hose to England in the form of fifty destroyers.”

The next day polls showed support for the famous Lend-Lease Act. Obama has to learn how to explain ideas through metaphors.