Screw The Veterans Who Serve

It is now clear how to get Republicans in Congress to pass laws. Find an issue that was present during Republican presidents, make certain everyone knows the same problem is occurring under rule of the dictator, Barack Obama, and then have everyone rise and pledge allegiance. Of course, it was a Republican president who dispatched over two million Americans into harm’s way,and sent them back to civilian life with deep emotional issues. Let me make clear, that the lack of action by President Obama was certainly the complete opposite of his desire to “save financial institutions” from harm’s way. Then, he acted, but when it came to veterans, we have heard for five years his complaints about the failure of George Bush to do something for veterans.

Congress finally did pass a bill. Believe it or not, a bill got passed in Congress by a vote of 421 to ZERO. The legislation allows veterans who are not able to get inside a VA building for medical treatment to make contact with a local doctor. How about a law that only allows members of Congress to access lobbyists who are 40 miles away and compels them to use local fellow congressmen to solve problems? This is the most incompetent and disdainful group of congressmen in our history when it comes to meeting the needs of those who served in our armed forces.