Secret Draft Of British Iraq Document Revealed

The secet first draft of the nortorious Iraq dossier that helped take Britain to war against Iraq is expected to be released today. It is a victory for freedom of information campaigners. This early version, written by John Williams, the director of communications for the Foreign Office has long been the subject of controversy because ant-Iraq war advocates believe it will reveal the honst analysis of what was thinking of experts, not the final version that was presented to the public. Williams has been arguing for years for the release of the document.

Inquiries into the wording of the original document has been frustrated becaue officials continue insisting it became redundant by subsequent events. It is believed the original document makes no mention of “weapons of mass destruction” nor of any claim Saddam Hussein could launch missiles. The people of Great Britain and those of other nations have a right to know the thinking and distortion of key players such as Tony Blair and George Bush. Did they deliberately lie? Did they distort information? Did they send troops to their deaths on the basis of incorrect information?