Secret Meeting In Egypt About Darfur

Egyptian diplomats have brought together a coalition of nations in order to focus on the future of Darfur. Egyptian head of intelligence, Omar Suleiman and Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, invited representatives from the United States, Libya and the Sudan to figure out a way to halt bloodshed in Darfur. There are reports Libya has taken a leadership role in ending conflict between Chad and the Sudan and is part of the process of seeking peace in the Sudan. Recently, Scott Graton, Obama’s envoy to the Sudan hosted four rival Darfur groups at a meeting in Ethiopia.

Graton has come under attack from various factions because they claim he is not impartial. Sudanese Liberation Movement leader, Abdel-Wahid Al-Nur, told the Sudan Tribune, “the special envoy of President Obama to Sudan abandoned his mission and has become a problem and an obstacle due to his non-neutral position.”

An issue that created anger was Graton’s support for ending certain sanctions against the Sudan. There is always conflict when a specific nation creates turmoil. Do other nations impose sanctions? Do they seek to isolate the offender? Obviously, there is no simple response to these questions. Sometimes sanctions work, and in other cases such as the US boycott of Cuba they turn out to be unable to achieve goals.

The important outcome is nations finally are discussing ways to end the violence in Darfur.