Secret Thoughts Of Comrade Sarkozy

Once upon a time, a long,long time ago before iPads and cell phones, a president like John F. Kennedy hired historians to help keep track of what happened. Of course, the assumption was the historian would double check before taking notes in order to ensure the president chose his words with care and consideration. President Nicolas Sarkozy of France hired former historian Patrick ?Buisson to be the official note taker. Little did he realize the historian wanted a verbal record of all that transpired during his residency with the president. HUndreds of hours of tape are now available in which Sarkozy discusses the world as well as lets the world know what he thought of this or that member of his Cabinet.

Buisson has shown parts of these tapes to the magazine, Le Carnard Enchaine and this journal of satire has shared with the world thoughts and observations from the head of state. He apparently did not think too much about some key advisors and makes rather nasty comments regarding their abilities. As one noted today, “It’s a betrayal. For us the experience is akin to rape.” Unfortunately, for the Sarkozy family, there are tapes in which ministers wonder what the hell is Carla Bruni, the First Lady, doing at their meetings.

Nothing much surprising about these tapes.