Sectarian Conflict Simmers In Kuwait

Right wing fanatics in the West are constantly discussing Muslims as though there is such a thing as “a Muslim.” It is all too common in America to ignore the diversity that is found among nations containing large numbers of Muslims. Kuwait is run by Sunni Muslims and contains a large number of Shiites who believe they are not given equal treatment in the country. Kuwait Defense Minister Sheik Jaber Al Mubarak Al-Sabah, warned Shiites against fostering sectarian violence. The government has banned all public gatherings and is insisting that any meetings receive prior approval. One of his assistants made clear there were laws which allowed the government to control public demonstrations. The warnings came after Shiite groups said they supported the ideas of fugitive Yaser Al-Habeeb who disagrees with Sunnis about ceremonies to honor the wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Authorities are still furious that Habeeb somehow escaped jail.

Frankly, to a non-Muslim this argument about the wife of the Prophet is none of my business. Every religion has beliefs that people will die to enforce. The point is how divided are Muslims in virtually every Muslim nation in the world.