Secure Our Border Or Secure Palin’s Mouth

The mouth that roars nonsense once again uttered words of wrath against President Obama. Sarah Palin is concerned about illegal immigrants and wonders why, after an entire year as president, this man from Africa has failed to secure our border with Mexico. Standing with Arizona Governor Brewer, she told America, “it’s time for Americans across this country to stand up and say, ‘we’re all Arizonians now’ in clear unity. Mr President, do your job and secure our border.” Of course, during the eight years of the George Bush administration when an estimated five million illegal immigrants entered this country, not a single Republican congressman or governor blasted Bush for failing to “secure our border.’ In the bizzaro Palin world, every problem in America is due to Barack Obama!

George Bush began building a fence that has not worked too well. He did increase the number of those in the border patrol, that did not work too well. So, exactly what does the Putz from Alaska suggest President Obama do in order to handle illegal immigrants? I know, give a speech!