Security Alert At Right Time

Far be it from me to offer cynical comments on the latest security warnings sent all over Europe. The concern arose when an Afghan born German, Ahmad Sidiqi, said to be a home grown terrorist, gave intelligence sources, during interrogation, information about a Europe-US wide outbreak of terrorist attacks designed to stimulate chaos. British counter-intelligence believe there was a possibility of violence in the UK, but do not believe this concern extends to France or the US as recent warnings specified. American intelligence supplied German intelligence with information about possible attacks. It appears these warnings were known to American and European intelligence weeks ago, but it was not until this weekend the sounds of violence echoed through the world.

Is it possible these warnings about terror and violence are linked to cut backs in anti-terror organizations as nations respond to austerity? Of course, if no terrorist attacks occur, Intelligence organizations can take credit for preventing something that was never planned to occur. Such is the politics of anti-terror. When in doubt, create a terrorist attack.