Security Companies Security Risk

The United States of America used to conduct its wars with soldiers and sailors and men in the air force and civilians were not to be seen in combat zones. In those days, the Alaska Highway could be built within months, bridges could be constructed within a day, and, there was no 40% profit margin allocated for doing these tasks. Today, we inhabit the Bush world of private contracting firms which handle many aspects of war that used to be the province of those in the military. A new Senate report indicates firms hired to provide security may themselves be a greater threat to security than the Taliban. Senator Carl Levin put it this way: “you do not need security that produces insecurity. These contractors threaten the security of our troops and risk the success of our mission.We need to shut off the spigot of U.S. dollars flowing into the pockets of warlords.” In other words, the American government hires these companies which then turn over part of the money to local warlords who provide protection and who make certain the Taliban get their piece of the pie.

Marines interviewed by the committee told of being fired on by security guards. “Not only did Marines report that security contractors shot at them, but they also said they knew Afghan contract security guards to be high on opium.” Oh well, we allow free enterprise to run our wars so why be shocked at further examples of Wall Street greed.