See You Silvio Say Protesters

Hundreds of people gathered outside an estate in the suburb of Milan that is owned by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. They expressed the same anger as did thousands who were in the streets of Milan urging an end to the weird rule of the man whose penis is all too often working rather than his mind. There is growing anger over charges that Berlusconi had relations with teenage prostitutes, which he denies ever occurred. Protesters waved banner saying, “Resign, Resign,” and “Prostitutes Out Of State.” We are concerned that people want prostitutes to leave government employ. After all, when we have nearly 500 members of Congress who daily prostitute themselves in the quest to secure money from lobbyists, who exactly would be left in government if the prostitutes all left?

Frankly, we prefer if prostitutes who daily use their bodies to earn a living replaced the prostitutes who daily earn their keep by selling out the interests of the American people. In many respects Silvio is honest about his alleged use of prostitutes. He is only concerned with pleasure.