Seek A Neat Muslim To Date?

Hey, interested in meeting a nice Swedish Muslim boy or girl? Hey, want to make certain the person is real kosher as a Muslim? Then , just check in with a  Swedish mosque web site that is “halal” in every respect. Abu Mahmoud, just began a Muslim dating site so Muslim folk can meet Muslim folk and never have to worry they are meeting some Christian or Jew. Andallah  Salah, deputy head of the Islamic  Association in Stockholm, says the new digital site will complement what is being done in mosques–making certain a Muslim gets connected to a Muslim!

Actually, the matchmaking is being handled by Abu and his wife, she will make certain that Muslim females hook up with a Muslim male. Both want to  “make the dating as Islamic as possible, that the man’s family comes over to the woman’s family  for a date, that the parents are key to the dating process.”

Sorry, Abu, and your lovely wife, I have a hunch Muslim girls and boys in Sweden want to handle their own dating. But, then again, my words are strictly from a Jewish perspective.