Seek President In Iran

The nation of Iran will shortly be holding an election to determine who will  become the next president of the country. The process is simple, submit your name to the guardian council and it will decide if you can actually run for election. In America we submit our names to wealthy folk and they decide, much clearer in Iran since there is only one council and it is not the money that counts so much as your religious views. To be honest, it is not your religious views so much as how you are viewed by Ayatollarh Kahamenei. It is clear that anyone associated with the Green Movement should not bother to submit their names. Of course, one problem is they are confined to their homes and that makes difficult getting to see the guardian council members.

President Ahmadinejad can not run for re-election. However, he does want his chief of staff Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei to run. His daughter is married to the son of Mashaei which would make this a family  affair election. I think there is one small problem. Khamanei does not like either the president or his chief of staff.

I strongly advice any Jews not to apply for this job.