Seek Work? Check Your Al-Qaeda Recruiter

Osama bin Laden these days is encountering the same problems as faced by numerous business executives — how can one obtain trusted, dedicated employees? Several anti-terror experts told the British newspaper, the Guardian there is an increasing shortage of fighters for al-Qaeda. Lethal strikes by CIA drones combined with monitoring and disruption of electronic communications has impacted the morale of Al-Qaeda fighters in Pakistan. They are increasingly confronting Pakistan military attacks which have resulted in the death of hundreds of militants.

Mustafa Alani, a terrorism expert, argues “al-Qaida has become a liability for the Taliban” and there is a possibility they might seek to get rid of him by revealing his hiding place to Pakistan or American sources. Another factor is emergence of Muslim clerics who argue that terrorism violates the fundamental principles of their religion.

If you are among the downsized, perhaps you might welcome a vacation in the mountains of Pakistan or Afghanistan where the fellowship of some bearded men will provide opportunities to play with guns and bombs. Who knows, perhaps, members of the NRA will finally get a chance to shoot at the “Jack booted American police!”