Seeking The Lord

In 2003, President George Bush sent thousands of American soldiers to Iraq in the name of democracy and God and all that is wonderful in the United States. Bush termed the adventure a great crusade in the name of freedom. Well, we all know what happened. Today, in nations like Uganda or the Congo or South Sudan a man named Joseph Kony wanders these lands claiming to be the Lord’s disciple and he simply wants to help people. Of course, in the process of spreading his version of “Christianity,” children might be forced to kill their own parents and then become part of his Lord’s Resistance Army which wanders the land spreading death and rape and disorder. The LRA hides in jungles and emerges with violence and death along with kidnapping children. Latest estimate is the Army has now been reduced to about 250 people including the children and females who serve as sex slaves.

President Obama has dispatched Special Forces to Uganda in order to assist in tracking down this murderous group and freeing innocent children. This is not a great crusade for freedom, simply finding and destroying those who really employ weapons of mass destruction.