Seimper Infidelity

Rebecca Sinclair, wife of General Jeffrey Sinclair who is currently under investigation for sexual encounters came out swinging in defense of those who lead our troops and sometimes also lead in sexual misconduct. “I am not condoning anything,” she writes, “and I’m njot excusing my husband’s infidelity. I’m not saying that just because we’re on the deployment cycle and because of the war, that causes infidelity. I’m just trying to understand it, and I’m trying to get conversations started so that people can look behind and see the bigger issue.”

During WWII, General George Marshall, head of the US Army, made it a policy to fly generals who were actively involved in fighting for a weekend back home with their wife in order to relax and avoid sexual misconduct. It was done secretly, but it probably helped reduce what is now coming out as to sexual engagement of generals who were in combat. Unfortunately, they all too often wound up fighting lovers of those with whom they were having sex!