Self Hating Jews Attack Netanyahu!

In the year 2012, any Jew who dares to make a negative remark about the government of Israel is condemned as being a “self hating Jew.” The current climate calls for 100% support of the Netanyahu government regardless of its violation of the rights of Palestinians or those of Israelis. The Levy Report was issued by the government and it called for legalizing illegal settlements on the West Bank. The United Nations regards these settlements as in violation of international law, but it is clear the world hates Jews and therefore Israel should ignore what is said at the UN.

A group of 40 prominent American Jews including Michael Berenbaum, former director of the US Holocaust Museum and philanthropists, urged the Netanyahu government to reject recommendations of the Levy Report. They urged that he work to support “Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state” and that includes “diplomatic and political leadership, not legal maneuvering.”

We doubt Netanyahu will reject the Levy Report. After all, he knows religious  folk in the Knesset are always right. Why should he worry about secular Israelis seeking a return to democracy and the principles of Judaism?