Sell Guns, Aid Criminals!

The state of Arizona inhabits its on state of mind. It is not surprising that reports about flying saucers and aliens invariably occur in the state of Arizona. Several cities have initiated programs to purchase guns in order to reduce these weapons of destruction, but to members of the Arizona government buying back guns is simply another ploy by those seeking to undermine the American way of life and introduce SOCIALISM! Governor Jan Brewer signed the legislation which makes illegal for a community to use government funds to buy back weapons. The bright members of the legislature and the idiot governor argue that buying back guns and then destroying them is a waste of taxpayer resources.

As Democrats noted, the Republican party complains about the notorious Federal government interfering with state rights but it is OK for the state government to interfere with rights of local cities. Naturally, Republicans identified the real issue, “a political agenda of destroying firearms!”

Oh well, the Tsarnaev boys should have gone to Arizona to arm themselves, and, in so doing, could have wrapped themselves in the American flag!