Senate Committee Blasts For Profit Colleges!

Last year, I  wandered into a For Profit college which had facilities in St. Louis. I was interested in doing adjunct teaching. They soon informed me that their college provided all assignments, tests, and even volunteered to help me pose questions to students. After 55 years in teaching, the prospect of being led by bureaucrats through the process of teaching students did not appear worth the money. A college in the St. Louis area offers 12 credits for nine weeks of work and they pay adjunct faculty for teaching a three credit course! Such is the state of For Profit “colleges” in America.

Senator Tom Harkin and his Education Committee just released a 5,194 page report on how For Profit Colleges utilize unethical recruitment methods, have high student default rates and charge high tuition for students. They want students in and don’t give a damn how many complete their college career. The almighty buck is number one in their academic goals.

We need to regulate For Profit  colleges.