Senator Coburn-Stop Helping Vets!

Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is upset at the Obama administration for proposing creation of a  Job Corps for those who served in the armed forces post 9/11. The proposed bill would  provide training for veterans in order to prepare them for jobs in  law enforcement, fire fighting and conservation. Coburn insists no such jobs are available so this would be a waste of money. I assume he would prefer if job training dealt with picking peaches or working in meat packing places at minimum wages.

Tom is also upset at singling out veterans who  are post 9/11. He asks why “one class of veterans is better than another class of veterans?” I am with you Tom. As a veteran of the Korean War it upsets me there is no training program for 82 year old vets!! How come I can’t get into this program for law enforcement jobs??

Discrimination runs rampant under President Obama’s adminsitration!