Senator Coburn To Reid: Asshole!

Senator Tom Coburn is a United States senator from the state of Oklahoma. He is frustrated and angry at failure of the Obama administration to curb excessive spending. He is furious at failure of the “asshole” Senator Harry Reid to work with Republicans in order to cease the open ending spending by the federal government. Coburn is against a credit card government that just spends and spends without any concern for the national debt. OK, Tom, let’s check the record:

1. George Bush assumed the position of president of the United States in 2001.

2. Prior President Bill Clinton left him a budget that had a surplus and the national debt was about $5 Trillion.

3. Under leadership of a Republican Senate and a Republican president our national debt rose from the $5 Trillion to over $11 Trillion.

4. Barack Obama inherited a budget that had a MINUS $1.1 Trillion in debt.

Tom, YOU were responsible for going from surplus to deficit!

I guess that makes you an A..hole?