Senator Harry Reid Lies About Romney!!

Mitt Romney is upset. Mitt Romney is shocked that a member of the Democratic Party would question his honesty and demand release of his tax returns. Mitt believes claims by Senator Reid charging he has lied about his tax returns simply prove how low the Obama camp has sunk in its efforts to win the election. Mitt is proud that his party upholds high principles of honesty and fairness in the presidential election. For example:

1. Barack Obama was  born in Africa is a proven fact.

2. Barack Obama is a Muslim is a proven fact.

3. President Obama hates America is a proven fact.

4. President Obama is responsible for our $15 Trillion national debt.

5. President Obama hates Israel.

6. President Obama wants to strip the wealthy of their money.

7. Businessmen built the roads, bridges, schools, railroad systems, port facilities, airports, of this nation –without government aid!