Senator McCain Confused About Middle East!

Senator John McCain insists his military experience fits him for the presidency unlike his Democratic opponents who have never served in the armed forces. Apparently, this vast military expertise of McCain somehow got a bit confused about what was said during recent Congressional hearings with General Petraeus. Speaking yesterday at a press meeting, he was asked if he would shift troops from Iraq to Afghanistan in order to find Osam bin Laden and he replied: “I would not do that unless General Petraeus said he felt that the situation called for that.” However, during his Congressional testimony General Petraeus made clear he had nothing to do with such a decision because his responsibilities only include Iraq and had nothing to do with Afghanistan.

Of course on a recent trip to Israel, Senator John McCain got confused and accused Shiite Iran of working with the Sunni al-Qaeda until his colleague, Senator Joseph Lieberman whispered in his ear his comment was incorrect.

John McCain insists he knows a great deal about military strategy but apparently left the hearings early to deal with more important matters such as securing votes for November’s election. The senator did admit our nation needs more soldiers and promised if elected president to inspire youth to join the military with the same spirit they joined the Peace Corps. If Senator John McCain can “inspire” thousands of young Americans to risk their lives fighting for their nation maybe he can “inpsire” businessmen to pay higher taxes in order to pay the costs of the war. Of course, Senator McCain has made clear inspiration should never be asked when it comes to paying a fair share of taxes. Such talk can cut off funding from the business community.