Senator Rand Paul–Obey Or Go To Jail!

Senator Rand Paul, son of the famous Ron Paul who is a libertarian, came out in an interview by Sean Hannity for vigorous action by the federal government against not only people who advocate overthrowing the government but for those who attend such meetings. Let me get this straight, Rand Paul is against the government establishing safety rules in plants, he is against the government preventing discrimination against those whose color of skin or gender results in not being hired, but he wants THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to supervise who attends political rallies!! “But, if someone is attending speeches from someone who is promoting the violent overthrow of our government, that’s really an offense that we should be going after. They should be deported or thrown in prison.” I assume to achieve this goal, THE GOVERNMENT will be recording all speeches, taking pictures of getting the ID of everyone who attends the speech and then charing them with treason!

I hate to inform another one of Republican congressional leaders who lacks knowledge of the Constitution, but you CANNO deport an American citizen! I thought Libertarians wanted the government to stay out of the personal lives of citizens.

Oh, was it a criminal offense by Sarah Palin to urge her followers to get President Obama in their rifle sights?

  • KeLeMi

    I like Ron, I don’t like Rand. I’m libertarian. Rand isn’t.