A long, long time ago, the island we call, England, was inhabited by people named, Celts. They lived in a nice island that was not bothered by influx from a lot of strangers until barbarians began to enter their homeland from places in Europe. Before you knew what had happened the once pure Celtic race was contaminated by a bad blood from a bunch of foreigners. Well, those foreigners remained in the fair island we call, England, and their descendants were recently asked about their views on the new foreigners. 48% of people in the United Kingdom support the anti-immigration ideas of right wing neo-Nazi groups. When asked if they support ending all new immigration into the country, 39% of those from Asian backgrounds said, “yes,” 34% of those with white skins said, “yes,” and 21% of those with black skins said, “yes.” When asked if immigration was a bad thing for the nation, 43% of Asians said, “yes,” 60% of whites said, “yes,” and 17% of blacks said, “yes.”

These folk want flags flown on every public building, and nearly half said they did not wish to be called, British, but preferred, English. I propose we return England to its original composition and send the whole pack of foreigners back to where they came from!