Send Her To Jail, She Opposes Me!

If you happen to visit the Ukraine make certain there is no encounter with President Viktor Yanukovych who apparently does not like anyone to oppose his views on the world.  He is upset because previous Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko signed a bill dealing with gas purchases from Russia. Once elected Viktor brought Yulia to court and charged her with crimes of high treason for signing the wrong bill. Ms. Tymosheko currently is in jail for seven years on ground she abused her office by signing the wrong agreement.

There is no doubt her conviction was a fore gone conclusion once Viktor decided to abuse his former rival. Of course, here in America if we jailed those who signed the wrong bills, our jails would be filled with thousands of politicians. We have another system. We vote these people out of office so they can become lobbyists and make certain the next batch of politicians sign the wrong bills.

Viktor, is you sign the “wrong bill” which prison awaits your presence?