Send In Afghan Warlords, Ask ClownsTo Depart

At some point in the history of the war in Afghanistan an American president will figure out the solution lies in going backwards, not forwards. Every effort attempting to create a viable government in the country by relying on chief of corruption, President Karzai has failed, so why not take another track and deal with corruption at the local level? Matiullah Khan, an illiterate local warlord, runs Oruzgan Province with his own army of 1,500 men and when a NATO convoy needs protection there is no need to subject its soldiers from the possibility of death, simply call in the local warlord. “Oruzgan used to be the worse place in Afghanistan, and now it is the safest. The officials are cowards and thieves” claims the man with the guns behind him. If a convoy needs to deliver supplies, simply give Matiullah $1,200 for each truck and he will deploy his army to make certain trucks arrive at their destination. Heck, the Afghanistan Ministry of Interior even pays for 600 of his troops.

So, President Obama, call in the warlords, divvy up Afghanistan among them, give them a few billion dollars as a subsidy, and get American and NATO troops out of the country. What is the worse case scenario– that Matiiullah charges the Taliban $1,200 for each of its trucks?