There is no question when it comes to a collection of clowns and incompetents, we Americans are NUMBER ONE. But, lingering not far behind are the clowns who constitute political parties in Italy. One of its most powerful parties is led by a former clown-at least in Italy they are upfront when it comes to levity and nonsense. After weeks of talking and going to restaurants for good meals, Italians finally asked Enrico Letta to become the country’s president. I am still unclear why any president is needed in Italy, but I guess every nation is entitled  to one.

Now, comes the fun and games. Mr. Enrico Letta has been asked to form a government. Other names have surfaced but Mr. Letta is presently number one which means he has at least four weeks to lead the nation. After he departs, there is a man who runs concessions stands at a circus who is rumored to assume power in Italy.