Send In The Clown

There are times in life when absurdity is more real than reality. To be a member of the human race is to be a member of an incredible traveling circus of freaks and nuts who display grotesque faces of mirth and sorrow. There are times in life when it is clear that anyone who has been a professional athlete possesses the desire for money and more money and more fame than is found within normal humans. We pamper and idolize grown men who have certain athletic capacities so they emerge believing themselves not bound by any set of rules other than those emerging from the belief that money always is the supreme goal of life. One could readily imagine former NBA star Dennis Rodman organizing a basketball game in Dachau to celebrate the birthday of his friend, Adolf Hitler. Gee, he was simply attempting to bring together the warring nations of the world by having everyone play basketball together! When all is said and done by Dennis, basketball and the beloved dollar bill are all that counts to enjoy a wonderful life in this world.

Dennis encountered a new playmate, a fan who regards him as still an important person. The cheers no longer ring in his ear so it is sweet and exhilarating to hear them from people in a gym in North Korea who were ordered to CHEER or face the prospect of a labor camp. Dennis sweet talked a group of ignorant former NBA players into playing a basketball game in some place called, North Korea. As Dennis told the media who questioned playing basketball for the most tyrannical blood soaked ruler in the world who starves thousands to their death, Dennis had a response: “I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think” and he pointed to his companions who had risked their lives to play a basketball game in order to bring peace to the world.

Dennis, there are millions of people in North Korea who eat rats for dinner. Care to join them? I can assure Dennis his friend, Kim Jong-un will not be at this dinner!