Send In The Clowns At UN Conference!

The Second UN Conference Against Racism got off to an auspicious beginning when the stage was taken over by a clown from Iran. Even as the foul mouthed President Ahmadinejad began speaking against racism, two men dressed in clown headgear were ejected before they could hear words being spoken about racism by a man whose nation persecutes Bahais, stones women to death, and regards Kurds as second class citizens. According to the Iranian leader, the Holocaust was a “pretext of Jewish suffering” and urged the world to take measures aim at “eradicating (Israel’s) barbaric racism.”

Among those applauding were representatives of Sudan which has killed over 200,000 people in Darfur and raped thousands of women, delegates from Rwanda whose soldiers have helped kill five million in the Congo, Saudi Arabia which does not allow other religions equal rights, Pakistan in which dozens of women have been killed for refusing to marry the man desired by their parents, and so on.

Send in some more clowns to the circus known as the UN Conference Against Racism.