Send In The Clowns To Italy!

Elections have been held in Italy, the results are in, and once again the peopleof Italy have opted to elect a clown instead of a leader. For a decade Italians elected Silvio Berlusconi as their leader, a man more comfortable with being able to  get a woman into a bed than to get an Italian into a job. All expected that after Silvio was charged with numerous crimes that his career would end. Not in Italy. His center-right bloc received 117 in the Italian Senate while the center-left bloc receivced 119. Guess who received 54 seats? Beppe Grillo, the one time comedian turned political leader!

Of course, in the United States of America we have the Republican party, a group of disgruntled comedians who believe having less money in the economy leads to more jobs. Their Tea Party compadres believe reducing taxes on the wealthy results in more jobs for those seeking work.

Beppe has createda crisis for Europe, the Republican party has created an economic crisis for America. Come to think about it, how about Beppe for president in the USA?