Send In The Israel Airforce

Each day in Syria battles rage and people die. Two days again the village of Banies, bodies were strewn all over the town after Syrian troops went on a  murdering rampage. Families of those who oppose the Great Leader,  President Bashar al-Assad were simply gunned down and left to rot in the streets. Some men were found with hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded. It was simply another day  of death in the land that has become a graveyard for the innocent. NO groups protested in the streets o f their Muslim societies, no imams  walked arm in arm to express their anger at the murder of Muslims.

To top off the day, Israel planes blasted away. We assume they were destroying chemical weapons, or simply just blasting away as the Israel enjoys doing when it comes to their enemies. It is unclear how this attack will end the war, it simply provides grist for the mill of hating Jews. Oh well, just another day in Syria.