Send In The Tanks Argue Israelis

The incessant bombing of Gaza continues causing huge devastation in terms of physical destruction of facilities and the death of hundreds, most of whom are members of Hamas security forces. There are reports that Israeli tanks are prepared to lead a ground invasion of the area. However, Israeli military officials do not wish to have their troops become embroiled in fighting in urban areas, and will most probably seize certain key points rather than a full scale invasion which would inevitably result in fighting the 15,000 well armed Hamas forces. White House sources refuse to respond to questions concerning America’s attitude towards a land invasion, preferring to simply state: “those will be decisions made by the Israelis.”

Secretary of State Condi Rice made clear she has no present plans to visit the Middle East in order to broker peace. However, throughout the Arab world demonstrations of anger reflect feelings of millions of people. Although people are demonstrating in the streets, their governments remain silent since most are furious at Hamas for provoking the current conflict.