Send In The Whites–Quickly!!

France has a problem. The people of that fair country enjoy football(European style, that is) and become emotionally involved in the game. But, there is one tiny little problem. When on gazes at the field of players, there simply are too many black bodies around. The website, Mediapart claims there is a plan in operation by the government of France to make certain their national team will have a majority of white players even if that means not selecting the best to go on the field of combat. There are reports of a secret meeting at which a senior official in the football federation urged a 30% quota on “those people,” meaning those from Africa or Muslim lands. Laurent Blanc, team coach, allegedly supported establishing a quota to ensure players with “our culture,our history,” were the ones playing. As he noted to officials, the Spanish do not have any problems, “we have no blacks.”

Mr. Blanc is outraged by the accusation. After all, his name means, white, but that only refers to his origin, not to his beliefs. Right wing French leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen has been adamant of the need to restore the glory that was once France when only white skins were seen on the football field.

Anyone who has studied the history of sports in the western world is aware that who plays on sport teams simply reflects those coming from poor groups in society. For example, in the 1930s, about 30% of boxers were Jewish. It is simply a matter of time before a new group will emerge to lead French football players. After all, in the 1970s, African Americans constituted about 17% of major league baseball players and today they represent less than 8%.