Send Me To North Korea!

After considerable reflection I have decided to apply for citizenship in the great land of North Korea. It would be nice to have a Great Leader whose only concern is my welfare.  I am particularly interested in latest developments by South Korea. They will be hurling leaflets into North Korea which contain $1 notes. In other words, if I could pick up a few thousand leaflets I can corral about a thousand bucks without doing any work.  I wonder how many nations of this world have a Great Leader who can persuade other nations to send bucks to an opposing country?

For some reason there are some in our government who want to halt this monetary bombardment. I assume they are agents of the CIA who want to prevent we hard working North Koreans from getting a few bucks.

You dumb Americans can vote for Mitt Romney who sends bucks to millionaires, I prefer North Korea where bucks go to those in need.