Send Palestinians South Said Rice!

The impact of Wikileaks continues to reverberate throughout the world, and now it has created new issues concerning the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reportedly told Palestinian negotiators the refuge problem could be solved by sending Palestinian refugees to either Argentine or Chile which already host hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Most probably, Rice did not know that the vast majority of Palestinians in South America were Christian as are the vast majority of Palestinians in America who arrived before the 1960s. Palestinian leaders in Chile were shocked by the suggestion which they, politely termed, “wrong.” Argentine leaders were very blunt and termed the Rice proposal”an extension of a long campaign of ethnic cleansing.” Naturally, release of these comments has aroused anger among Palestinians who do not know if their negotiators gave serious consideration to the American proposal.

Ironically, Christian Palestinians, as has been the case among Iraq Christians, have been confronted by prejudice and violence –not by Israelis–but by their Muslim neighbors. Half the Iraq Christian population has fled the country since 2003 to escape violence at the hands of Muslim religious fanatics.