Send Raped Women To Jail!

In school  I learned that India was the home of great philosophies about human conduct and their religious leaders were men of wisdom. Mohan Bhagwat, a famous guru of wisdom told the world that a woman who was beaten and raped by six men is the culprit because  she did no do enough to end the rape. She should have  “chanted God’s name and fallen at the feet of her attackers” in order to halt the rape. This  failure observes the rapists of any guilt in the assault. I think it is a bit difficult to fall  on one’s knees when two guys are on top of your body and beating the hell out of you.

At the courtroom, lawyer Manohar Lal Sharma was even more eloquent. He also blamed the murdered  woman for getting herself raped and killed. “Until today, I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady. Even an underworld don would not touch a girl with respect.” He wants to know why she was out late at night and sought a public transportation vehicle. Didn’t she know those buses were run by gangsters and rapists?

This trial is a solid reason for not visiting India, the land of wise philosophers.