Send Signal To Iran

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel made clear that signing an agreement with Israel which provides $10 billion for new missiles and advanced aircraft sends a signal to Iran not to mess with Israel. Of course, Israel has over 50 atomic bombs to drop on Iran, Israel already has advanced missiles and planes to use against Iran, but we must make clear to that terrorist state to mess with a nation possessing nuclear weapons could result in bad things occurring. The US is always sending “messages” to Iran, but for some strange reason we are unable to send a “message” to Israel to offer its Muslim citizens  equal rights, or to insist that Israel adhere to United Nations decisions.

Perhaps, if the United States sent a message to Israel to work for peace with its Palestinian neighbors there might actually be peace for the people of Israel. Perhaps, if we insisted that Israel respect the rights of Palestinians, the end result would be peace and security both for Palestinians and for Israelis!