Send Them To Prison

Lawyers for inmates in the Guantanamo prison in Cuba have made an unsual request of the American government. They have asked to be placed in the same cells as their defendants in order to experience the meaning of being a prison run by the US military. None of the lawyers has ever been in a prison as an inmate and certainly none has been an imate subject to torture by the CIA. David Nevin, lawyer for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, wants to visit the prison in order to more effectively understand his client’s “behavior and actions in open court.”

Military Judge Colonel James Pohl sarcastically inquired if the lawyers wanted to sleep in the same cell as their clients and were told they wanted to sleep in a cell, not with their client.

Lawyers also wanted to know if the military was eavesdropping on their conversations with clients and objected to a summary of what their client would say on the witness stand.  Gee, I thought this was an American court of law!