Send Them To Right Torture Chamber

During the past decade the American government insists that its personnel did not engage in any form of torture. Oh, maybe they sent a man’s head into the water, but they were simply trying to wash his face and he objected  to become clean. The Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI) released a report which proves that hundreds of men were sent to at  least 54 countries in order to secure the benefit of being interrogated by people who did not mind being a bit rough with those refusing to admit crimes they often had not committed. The report notes that high ranking British officials “bear responsibility for authorizing human rights violations.”

OK, so there was secret detention, OK, so they beat a few people, OK, so they water boarded some folk, but no harm was  meant. How else could the US government prove that it did not torture without allowing others to torture?

Ironically, Iran handed over 15 suspects to Kabul for questioning in 2001. Gee, I thought the Iranians were the terrorists!