Latest news from meetings between Republicans and Democrats in Congress indicate they are placing on the table cuts in our social security and Medicaid. I am 80, like all those who are retired, I worked for fifty years, I served in our armed forces during the Korean War and now live in a nation governed by men and women who ask the poor and middle class to assume the burden of our debts while Wall Street bankers and hedge fund folk are allowed to keep their billions. Last December, Wall Street gave itself $140 billion in nice bonus payments, but today, these rich plutocrats and selfish individuals are not asked to assume any responsibility for the economic calamity which has engulfed this nation. Let’s face it, President Barack Obama has the backbone of a chocolate eclair and will not stand up and fight for his own principles and policies.

Every elderly citizen should write their congressmen and demand raising taxes on the wealthy of this nation. A 5% surcharge will not lead to poverty for those who really own this country. As for arguments raising taxes on wealthy folk will result in their lack of interest in creating new jobs, reality is our corporations are sitting on over $1 TRILLION in money they refuse to invest in job creation.

Fellow senior citizens, let us form a new political party which believes it is time for the poor, the middle class and elderly people to come together and create an America based on the principle of equity and justice FOR ALL! How about an EQUITY PARTY?

  • Sue

    I’m with you, Mr. Stopsky. We’ve taken it for far too long. Enough is enough.

  • Bob Hill

    When will these dumb ass polititions get off the backs of social security, and stop sending all our money to forien countrys? We can support all these other countries, but can’t take care of our own people.