Sensible Prime Minister

President Barack Obama finally has a model on how to lead a nation. I realize our president devotes countless hours checking on emails that I, and millions send, so it would be helpful for our leader to finally grasp the meaning of leadership. We suggest that Barack Obama check with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd if he wants to know how to lead a nation. Prime Minister Rudd was due to attend a special meeting that dealt with the situation in Syria. However, an urgent matter captured his attention, he cancelled the Syria stuff and rushed off to a more important session-filming an episode of Kitchen Cabinet. Oh, I realize there are some who actually believe Syria or Iraq or reading emails are more important issues, but not Kevin Rudd. This is one dude who has set the right priorities.

As his office made clear, “had a full national security briefing on Syria been somewhat earlier, Mr. Rudd would have made arrangements to be in Canberra earlier.” Finally, the right man in the right place at the right time!