Separate And Equal

A bus driver in Stockholm decided to strike a blow for equal treatment by separating white and  black skinned folk who ride buses. After all, it is simply not fair for those who possess a white skin to be forced into close proximity with those whose body smell of the black person. We offer some other ways to ensure that all  humans are treated in a separate and equal manner.

1. Definitely we need to separate men and women on buses. This ends my need to mentally undress attractive women whose gorgeous presence prevents me to concentrate on work.

2. We need to have baseball teams with either right or left handed batters and pitchers.

3. We need to separate singers in audiences between singers and listeners.

4. We need to separate slow walkers from fast walkers. How about a slow walker path in malls?

5. We need to separate slow and fast people who order food.

6. How about separate but equal voting booths? One for the intelligent voter and one for those seeking to vote for Republicans.