Sequester Sequester

The Ides of March have arrived and Republicans are in joy since they are able to “cut down” the size of our government. It is the undying belief of all Republicans that reducing the size of  government-federal that is, peace, prosperity and the American way of life will be protected. For some reason, “reducing size of government” does not apply to state or local governments even though they also are “the government.” However, less money for Head Start, fewer dollars for senior meals undoubtedly restores sound fiscal government. Inherent in this world view is-fewer government dollars within the economy results in–fewer dollars in the economy.

I am not a fiscal genius, but even this ignorant person understands that fewer dollars results in fewer dollars in circulation and fewer goods purchased and fewer dollars to pay people. The end result is to sequester money and, in so doing, to reduce the size of our economy.