Serbs Ready To Fight If Kosovo Becomes Independent

Kosovo, a Muslim area which has been part of Serbia until NATO and American forces intervened to prevent ethnic cleansing in the 1990s, is preparing to declare its independence and assume control over its own destiny. The vast majority of people in Kosovo are of Albanian Muslim background while about 100,000 are Serbian Christians. There are reports that thousands of Kosovo Serbians are prepared to flee to Serbia amidst fears they will be attacked once Kosovo is an independent nation. Although there are about 15,000 NATO troops in the nation, it is expected they will withdraw if the declaration of independence is issues this coming week. Serbian leaders warn the West that an independent Kosovo will anger their people and drive them into the arms of extreme nationalists who seek war with the new nation. They also point out Serbia will turn toward Putin’s Russia for support and end close relations with the European Union. A common statement heard on the streets of Serbia is that their nation is defending Europe against Muslim aggression.

Once rhetoric is cast aside, there is no evidence the Muslims of Kosovo have any connection with terrorism nor are they fundamentalist in feeling. They are moderate Muslims who do not adhere to the type of fundamentalism that is practiced in nations like America’s ally, Saudi Arabia. An independent Kosovo brings to the world another government in which moderate Muslims are in leadership and who can assist in the fight against radical fundamentalists.

  • tim

    No evidence Muslims of Kosoco have connection with terrorism? Okay, how about human trafficking, prostitution, drug running, money laundering… Enough evidence for that.

    If the Serbs were so dangerous, why did 90 thousand of them flee to Serbia during the illegal bombing of Kosovo?

    You ignoring a lot of facts to justify the illegal creation of a new state.

    Hopefully, reason will prevail, meaning, established international law will be adhered to.

  • adrian

    “Okay, how about human trafficking, prostitution, drug running, money laundering… Enough evidence for that. ”

    Not every criminal activity is necessarily connected to islamic terrorism. And these criminal/mafia activities are not a sole monopoly of ethnic Albanians, the rest of Eastern Europeans are not any better either. There is also enough human trafficking, prostitution, drug running and money laundering in Serbia too, Serbian mafia is equally dangerous, and they have even killed the ex-PM of the country. Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish mafias are even more dangerous. Romanians are nr 1 in Italy, per number of crimes commited. In England this honor goes to the Poles. Are we going to brand all these countries as having a connection with terrorism too?

  • Fred Stopsky

    If drug running, prostitution, money laundering, and human trafficking are touch points for terrorism, then just about every nation in the world fits the criteria. I really haven’t branded any nation with being in support of terrorism. All I said was there is too much rhetoric that blames Muslims for being the only ones connected to terrorism. Heck we Americans encouraged revolutions in Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, etc.. The figure I saw was that Romanians have committed exactly 9 murders since arriving in Italy– that is out of a population of about 800,000.

  • Sadam

    Kosovo is part of Serbia and that is over.
    Kosovo cant be NATO country.

  • Fred Stopsky

    It will be.

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