Serve Nation And Not Get Served

I was a youngster during World War II when it  was assumed by Americans that anyone who served their nation was entitled to be respected, and to have their jobs protected. Alas, that was then and now is now. Those who are members of the National Guard or our  Reserves encounter prejudice and discrimination from employers who as retired Major General Gus Hargett notes, “find subtle ways to avoid hiring a serving member of the Guard or Reserves in ordet to avoid disruptions to the workplace from deployment-related absences.” He believes if the choice is a veteran who no  longer has military connections and one who  still does, the choice will be for the one who is finished with military obligations.

We inhabit a strange world. Conservatives along with liberal employers praise those who serve the country, but they sure as heck will not hire them. As long as they serve far away they are guaranteed not to get close to  any occupation on American soil!!