Seven Myths Of Ralph Nader

Thge legacy of Ralph Nader in 1975 was vastly different than his legacy in 2008. In the 1960s and 1970s a young vibrant activist challenged the corporate American automobile industry in the name of consumer safety. In 2008, a tired meglomaniac is once again prepared to sell out America to the corporate world. This is not the first time a young liberal has become transformed into a cynic filled with his own self importance and prepared to take actions that satisfy ego needs regardless of the cost to America. Let me explore the SEVEN MYTHS being propogated by Nader:

1. Corporate Interests Are Best Challenged By A Nader Candidacy.
The interests of working Americans are best protected by ensuring regulatory agencies are controlled by sympathetic administrators who place the needs of workers over those in management. The Nader candidacy is all about a person, not a drive to control the legislature. A President Obama will appoint liberals to regulatory agencies like the NLRB or the FCC which will allow consumers and workers to protect themselves against corporate selfishness. We need to get rid of Bush appointees who support corporate interests that impact the well being of workers struggling to form unions, of forests, the environment, etc…. Nader’s candidacy will have absolutely no impact on accomplishing this goal. We need new legislation from Congress to raise wages, to push for compulsory child care in the workplace and paid leaves for those raising families. These can only come about with a Congress committed to change. How will the Nader candidacy lead to these changes?

2. Nader Insists There Is No Difference Between Parties
Does Ralph Nader really believe an Al Gore presidency would have resulted in apppointment of two Supreme Court Justices opposed to abortion rights? Does Nader really believe a Gore presidency would have failed to work with other nations of the world in order to achieve goals through peaceful means? Does Nader really believe an Al Gore would not have done everything possible to work towards confronting global warming issues? Nader cites the bombing of a factory in the Sudan by Clinton as a prelude to war in the Middle East. Jimmy Carter did nothing other than impose a boycott of the Olympics when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Clinton withdrew troops when some were killed in Somalia. There is no question the two parties operate differently when confronted with possibilities of major war.

3. Nader Insists His Candidacy Is Needed To Get Discussion Of Healthcare
I believe Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have discussed their commitment to healthcare and their different approaches in attaining that goal. The issue IS being discussed. Actually, the Clinton view is probably close to that of Nader.

4. Nader Insists America Needs To Hear Other Voices
If Ralph Nader is interested in offering America other voices he has many options other than running for president. He can conduct Internet campaigns, develop Facebook or MySpace efforts, appear on TV, write newspaper articles, put together a national campaign led by volunteers to hand out materials, etc…

5. Nader Insists He Is Trying To Change The American Political Scene
Although running for president in previous elections, Ralph Nader has done virtually nothing to build a viable effective national organization that might eventually create a new political party. Has he held national conventions to discuss issues or to nominate a candidate? Has he created a paid staff working full time to develop an effective organization? Of course not. Ralph Nader has no interest in creating a new political party. His only interest is furthering his grandiose narcissistic self centerdness.

6. Nader Insists He Alone Can End The War In Iraq And Achieve Middle East Peace
The American public is clearly in favor of ending the war in Iraq, it really doesn’t need Ralph Nader to tell them what must be done. Does Nader have a plan for ending the war in Iraq other than saying he wants it ended? Does Ralph Nader have a plan to achieve achieve peace and security for Palestinians and Israel? If so, would he please let us in on the plan. If he has such plans, why not become a delegate to the Democratic Convention and fight for the ideas to become party policy?

7. Nader Insists His Candidacy Does Not Impact The Election
His candidacy in 2000 did impact the election, it resulted in a Bush triumph. If 5,000 Nader votes had gone to Al Gore, the Bush nightmare never would have happened. Ralph Nader knows his entry will turn voters away from voting for Democrats and thus aid the Republicans. He is not a neutral person. He is a stalking horse for Republicans and the corporate interests he claims to oppose.